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Serving Local and National Coin Collectors 

About Niles Coin Shop 

For over 40 years, Niles Coin Shop has helped coin collectors all across the nation find those rare, elusive coins for their collections. We are an accredited coin, bullion, jewelry, and gold dealer that is authorized to buy and sell US Mint bullion, gold and silver, coins, and more. We stay current on the ever-changing prices so we can offer you a fair price. Our expert staff is here to support all numismatists, no matter their situation!

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Experts in Coin Collecting 

Whether you’re looking for someone to evaluate your collection or you’re a beginning collector that wants to shop around, we’re here. We have experience evaluating, buying, and selling rare coins and entire collections. Our ever-changing inventory is a gold mine for rare coins and collectibles! We’re lifetime numismatists and we welcome other fanatics like us. Drop by to talk about our favorite topic: coins! 

About Niles Coin Shop 

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