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A Fully Accredited Coin Dealer 

Rare Coins, Gold & Silver, and More 

Whether you’re looking to sell your gold, silver bullion, or vintage jewelry, make us your first stop! We’ll take your items off your hands. Our team purchases whole coin collections, especially older collections dating back prior to 1964. We want you to feel confident in selling to us, so we always weigh items right in front of you and offer fair, up-to-date market prices. 
Niles Coin Shop is an authorized PCGS and NGC coin dealer, as well as a member of the ANA, CSNS, ICTA, and FUN.


Rare Coins 

Are you a coin collector that’s looking to offload some pieces? Are you hunting for the last coin for your collection? We’re there. We buy and sell rare coins, and we specialize in rare, collectible coins. Our coin store will purchase entire collections, not just pick and choose individual pieces like other coin shops might. We pride ourselves on our honest appraisal skills and fair market purchases, and we stay up to date on the latest market prices. Our staff always pays you right on the spot!

Gold and Silver Items & Bullion

When the market shifts and it’s time to sell your gold and silver, we’re there. As a trusted gold, silver, and platinum redemption center, we offer top dollar for your jewelry, coins, silverware, and other items. 
Niles Coin Shop buys and sells gold and silver coins and bullion, and we offer all the major nation-backed coinage. Our staff always stays updated on current market prices so we can offer you a fair price for your items. We test and weigh your items right in front of you and pay you on the spot. We want you to be confident in your decision to sell to us. 

We Buy and Sell: 


We buy the weird, the unusual, and the odd items! 
There’s always a place for unique, one-of-a-kind items here at Niles Coin Shop. We buy and sell collectibles that often cannot be found on the retail market, such as commemorative medals and vintage jewelry. These items are the perfect way to diversify an existing collection or start a brand-new one!

We Buy and Sell the Following Items: 

Many of our items have a fascinating history and can be traced back decades. For example, we love to buy and sell small tokens from events like the historical World's Columbian Exposition and the Chicago World’s Fair. Some of our items also come from Masonic lodges and other unique organizations. If you’re interested in our selection or have something to sell, drop by our coin shop today.

About Niles Coin Shop 

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